I think it's not possible, because the Management UI, the File Station and the Download Station are shared on the same port. Enabling the Allow external access to SRM option will only activate this firewall rule. So if you only allow access through a firewall rule, it will have the same effect.

- Domain name: customddns.synology.me replace with whatever name you set up step 1 with. Input an email. Leave Subject Alternative Name empty. On the same Certificate page, press Configure; Assign the Let's Encrypt certificate to Photo Station and System Default. Now test again by connecting from a remote location to https://customddns.synology May 12, 2019 · Now that you have some basic security settings on, let’s start moving some files.. But before we get started, if you are still thinking about which synology to buy, check this guide instead: Synology 2019 Buying Guide, but if you are the happy owner of a new Synology, here is a guide on how to configure your brand new Synology!! Synology makes a suite of software and hardware products for those who want more control out of storage. Additional Resources: Accessing a Synology remotely so you can work from home A best practice guide for setting up remote access for under 10 user enviroments. Note: It does not include steps for VPN or port forwarding Oct 06, 2015 · With the new remote connection function, the File Station now enables management of files on local, remote, and cloud storage across geographical boundaries and platforms from a single window.

Mar 29, 2018 · Your Synology NAS includes a QuickConnect feature that lets you access its DiskStation Manager interface remotely. Here’s how to set it up. You were likely greeted with the QuickConnect setup page when you first installed your Synology NAS, but it’s possible that you may have skipped it.

May 19, 2018 · Synology Cloud Station Server Quik Tech Solutions L.L.C 36,895 views. 10:46. Synology Tutorials | Getting remote access to Sharing & receiving files over the internet from Synology NAS Sep 14, 2015 · You want to be able to access your Synology files from Windows Explorer? Then this is the guide you have been waiting for! In this video i will be setting up WebDav on the server, and then mapping Dec 13, 2016 · Select File Station and right-click on root folder and then go to Properties In the Permission tab click Create Select the user (in our example Bob) and then in the Apply to tick only This folder In the Permission panel bellow give him the following Read permissions:

WebDAV is an extension of HTTP designed to let users edit and manage files stored on remote servers. When WebDAV service is enabled, client programs that support WebDAV, such as certain Windows apps, Mac OS Finder, Linux File Browser, will be able to remotely access the Synology NAS just like accessing a local network drive.

Feb 04, 2012 · In order to access DS find from mobile 3G or public Wi-Fi you should open in the router port 5001 (port forward). DS file is a WebDAV client for the DSM File Station. For this application I configured parameters as myDDNShost and HTTPS checked. NAS respectively through Photo Station, Audio Station, Video Station, and File Station. QuickConnect allows connection to your Synology NAS via a secure and customizable address, so that you can instantly access media and work files. Easy Backup Solutions Synology Hyper Backup provides multi-version backup with block-level The problem on this is: If you set a VPN in the settings of synology, you route all your traffic trough the VPN. That causes my DDNS (Quickconnect) to fail. So basically I am trying to put one application (Download Station) over a VPN while all the other traffic is going normal. Hi, I'm using DSM 6.1.5 and have a desktop and laptop both running Mint Linux 18.3 with the same Firefox version. When I'm trying to open a LibreOffice Writer document from the File Station on my PC I can choose between open the file and use Libreoffice or save the file. Luckily I can report that eventually I succeeded to map my Synology drive folders, where mapping the whole Synology device was not possible. I now have the documents and my music folders in Synology mapped in Win 10 file explorer. So you cannot map the device, but only folders in the device. WebDAV is an extension of HTTP designed to let users edit and manage files stored on remote servers. With Synology DiskStation Manager’s WebDAV service, client programs that support WebDAV, such as Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder, Linux File Browser, will be able to remotely access a Synology NAS just like accessing a local network drive.