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Sep 05, 2016 Best AirVPN Review: Is AirVPN Safe, Legit or Scam? | Top AirVPN offers a range of security features you are unlikely to find in other services of its kind. To provide absolute protection and anonymity they provide: the most secure and trusted VPN protocol with high level encryption standard; a kill switch functionality; leaks protection; and a honest, thorough and strict no log … AirVPN Log - Pastebin.com


Does your VPN Keep Logs? 123 VPN Logging Policies Revealed Apr 23, 2019

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Logging is one of the grossest betrayals that a VPN company can enact upon their customers. AirVPN states in no uncertain terms on their homepage that they keep no logs, whatsoever. But that is a statement echoed by almost every VPN we review. Then, when you dig deeper, you see that they’re actually logging a ton of your personal information. May 25, 2020 · AirVPN is up-front about its no-logging policy, saying clearly that it doesn't monitor or track any of your online activities. The company also states that it complies with European Union privacy If AirVPN allowed people to purchase extra connections, why would they need to do more logging than they do today? Right now they have to make sure that I only log in 3 times. Why would things be different if they had to check that I only log in N times where N is a number stored in a database?