Apr 24, 2016

Check your Transmission web UI if they are downloading. Now we can add the task to cron. Edit the cron with. crontab -e. You should see at least one line with Transmission daemon. We need to add another line, like */10 * * * * php ~/rss.php >> /var/log/rss.log 2>&1 or the one without logs */10 * * * * php ~/rss… GitHub - nning/transmission-rss: Adds torrents from RSS Apr 24, 2016 rss-downloader download | SourceForge.net Download rss-downloader for free. Python app used to download (torrent) files from various RSS feeds. Designed for use with Transmission client Feed Transmission via RSS - Transmission Nov 21, 2015

Transmission is one of the most used BitTorrent Client in Ubuntu. Originally designed for Linux and Mac users only, but now there’s a version for Windows as well. Anyway, since it was created with Linux in mind, it performs exceptionally well on the OS. As we describe a various type of torrent downloader for Ubuntu, Miro is different from

Oct 28, 2015 Setting up a Raspberry Pi for XBMC and automatic Nov 16, 2014

Install Transmission Raspberry Pi Latest Version with

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