Oct 29, 2019 · Review your browsing history. You can scroll down through your browsing history to see items from earlier in your history, or you can click a link to re-open its page. To clear your browsing history, click Clear browsing data on the left side of the page, make sure "Browsing history" is checked, and click Clear data.

How to Find and Delete Your Search History Chrome. If you find part of your Chrome search history that you want to keep but decide that there's … Can an employer see my browsing activities even when not There are a number of different things this could cover. If you aren’t on their network at all - not even through a VPN - they no. But if you device is set up to only connect to the company VPN, then everything you do is going through their networ How to see EVERY Google search you've ever made On top of being able to see every search you've made, as well as the exact date and time they were made, you can go all meta and search your own search history for forgotten gems and fond memories.

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Along with letting you see the web browsing history, Xnspy also shows the sites bookmarked by the target phone. The same ‘Internet History Log’ has a ‘Bookmark’ tab. Simply click on it to view the favorite sites of the person you are monitoring. You will find the ‘Bookmark’ tab here: Bing - Search History