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Command Line Network BandWidth Monitoring Tools For Linux Nov 04, 2015 CentOS / RHEL: Install iftop To Display Bandwidth Usage Nov 11, 2013 bandwidth monitoring file - LinuxQuestions.org Jan 26, 2005 Best Network Monitoring Tools For Linux - LinuxAndUbuntu

Top 7 commands for Linux Network Traffic Monitoring

Free Network Bandwidth Monitor Downloads - Linux Linux Bandwidth monitor v.1.3 Linux bandwidth monitor (bwmon) is yet another utility that measures bandwidth utiliazation per interface basis. Interactive bandwidth monitor v.1.4 ibmonitor is an interactive linux console application which showsbandwidth consumed and total data transferred on all interfaces. Top 7 commands for Linux Network Traffic Monitoring Oct 03, 2018

The iptraf utility is another way to monitor the traffic, provided by the iptraf package. sudo apt-get install iptraf installs it. iptraf is available in Red Hat Linux also; run yum install iptraf as root to install it.

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